Anisley Valdes, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia. After receiving my Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida, I pursued a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work with a mental health clinical focus.

My experience consists primarily of individual and group psychotherapy in outpatient mental health clinics and community service agencies. Additionally, I have provided therapeutic services, crisis stabilization, and case management services to adults and families involved with the District of Columbia’s behavioral health care system.

My therapeutic approach is client-centered and compassionate, using client’s strengths to find solutions that are manageable. I work collaboratively with clients to identify treatment goals that are attainable and sustainable over time. Whether clients are suffering from emotional struggles, work stress, relationship conflicts, or simply need someone to listen during a challenging life event, I can provide the care clients are seeking. I do that best by helping clients realize how they might be neglecting to appreciate the good that not only surrounds them, but is already within them. With that awareness I work with clients to empower them to discover that they do have all they need to become the person they wish to be.

I integrate modern psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical behavioral theories to assist clients in addressing their past and present challenges, while learning how to change their thinking and behaviors to tolerate distress and regulate their emotions. By incorporating interpersonal, behavioral, and mindfulness techniques clients are capable of achieving both quick symptom relief as well as long-lasting, meaningful change. I strive to help clients increase insight into their thoughts and behaviors, guide and support self-motivated changes, and assist in strengthening one’s self-esteem and resiliency. Working together, we uncover the negative self-messages and insecurities that fuel how fear (at times considered “false emotions appearing real”), anxiety, sadness, and others emotions can overshadow our strengths and dreams. Strengths and dreams are really important, because the therapeutic work is driven by what’s right about you as opposed to what’s not (yet).

Location: Thomas Circle Office 520

My specialty areas include:
• Depression and mood disorders
• Anxiety disorders and stress management
• Self Esteem
• Interpersonal and relationship concerns
• Life transitions and/or Adjustment Issues
• Family Conflict
• Identity Development/concerns
• Academic/Career-Life Balance

I also have experience with:
• Behavioral Issues
• Career Counseling
• Trauma and PTSD
• Substance Abuse

My theoretical approach is:
• Psychodynamic
• Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
• Dialectical Behavioral (DBT)