Nancy Zhang, LGPC

Licensed Graduate Professional counselor

I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) in the state of Maryland. I have a
Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Georgia and a Master’s in Clinical Mental
Health Counseling from the George Washington University.

I have experience working with clients with mood disorders (depression, persistent depressive
disorder), anxiety, sociocultural issues (bicultural/multicultural concerns, acculturation stress),
unprocessed loss, and pervasive concerns in academic performance or interpersonal
relationships. I am also fluent in both Mandarin and English.

I take an eclectic approach, as I incorporate elements from Person Centered, Cognitive Theory
(CT) and Schema Therapy (ST) into sessions. I incorporate cultural humility into practice, in
which I make a continuous effort to learn about various cultures and cultural perspectives, utilize
culturally appropriate approaches, and hold a humble awareness that I will never be able to know
all there is about other cultures. I also work to personalize treatment to clients’ individual needs.

I view counseling as a collaborative process. First and foremost, I see my primary role is in
assisting and providing unconditional support for my clients as we embark on a journey toward
growth, self-awareness, and healing. While I will assist my clients in identifying, assessing
issues and setting reasonable, practical, achievable goals, I believe it is ultimately up to the client
to implement the plan into action. In addition, I strive in my practice to create a safe,
compassionate, nonjudgmental, genuine, supportive environment where exploration, growth, and
healing can take place.

Specialty Areas:
• Anxiety
• Mood Disorders (Depression, Dysthymia)
• Acculturation Concerns
• Self-Worth
• Life Transitions

Other Areas of Experience
• Sociocultural Concerns
• Emotional Expression
• Interpersonal Relationship Issues
• Academic Stress